Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016- HTML5 Web Client Search

The new client uses a stack design in its window handling. You can have multiple windows open, but you can only have one in focus at a time. If you want to go back to a window lower in the stack, then you would want to use the Window Search feature to navigate directly to the window.

Real-Time Inventory Management Solutions

Inventory management within wholesale distribution is dynamic, and you must respond to a number of external forces like manufacturer recalls, delinquent accounts and snags in shipment or distribution. Instead of navigating between multiple programs to monitor inventory and take necessary actions, you need an inventory solution that provides coverage in real time.

The comprehensive SMB Suite Wholesale & Distribution Foundation features SmartList, an easy-to-use tool that compiles all relevant information on past-due accounts and late shipments into one role-based reporting platform.

Microsoft Dynamics GP Safe Pay

Safe Pay

In a world where identity fraud is at an all time peak, safety and security has become of the utmost importanceto your business. Complement and advance your Bank Reconciliation module with the Safe PAy (also referred to as Positive Pay) functionality. The Safe Pay software functionality in Microsoft Dynamics Gp provides users the capabilities to utilize their individual bank’s Positive Pay service. The Safe Pay functionality can generate electronic files of checks and voids in a format that is then transmitted to your bank allowing them to read the data and compare them to clearing checks before the chekc is set for payment thus diminishing the number of fraudulent checks. With Safe Pay solutions in Microsoft Dynamics GP you can reat assured that all accounting steps to keep your checks, writtenor voided, are safe, secure and in your control.

Features and Benefits

  • Automation

automatically exports a list of all checks written or voided each day to the bank of choice.

  • Exports

Continue to benefit from other Microsoft Dynamics GP check-writing modules as all information is easily integrated between modules.

  • Alerts

Alerts will be sent from banks if there is anything out of the normal such as a recieved check differing from a written check.