Where QuickBooks Falls Short Part II

According to PartnerCompete, Quickbooks online has had a surge of growth in Q4 of FY10 in
spite of multiple outages in the service. This doesn’t surprise me for the most part. In a recession,
people are forced to start over and try for their dreams of owning a business. But with this, also
comes growth of businesses and outgrowing Quickbooks online is fairly easy to do.

I’m sure you have run across a few comparisons of QuickBooks vs. Microsoft Dynamics® GP, so
the first thing you should know is that QuickBooks Online currently does not provide purchase
orders or inventory tracking. Reports and graphs are available, but not as many as in QuickBooks
desktop-based. Report customization also is somewhat limited in QuickBooks Online. So if you’ve
already determined you’ve outgrown QuickBooks, you have definitely outgrown QuickBooks

Where QuickBooks Falls Short Part I

QuickBooks is one of the most popular small business accounting systems on the market. There is no denying the success of the product with over 3.5 million users. For the...

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What the CFO Wants From Cloud ERP

SMB Suite is unique not only for it’s 24/7 helpdesk and total-integration cloud solution. It’s also a company that was founded by CPAs and others with strong public accounting backgrounds. I recently asked our CFO about his perspective on what matters most in financial accounting software:

His unabridged reply:
10. Ability to track customer credit lines and insure we are not increasing our exposure
9. Ability to know what inventory shortages exist and be aware of them as they happen
8. Ability to assemble the financial reporting package for the Board
7. Ability to identify slow moving inventory items
6. Ease in which to export data to Excel spreadsheets for analysis
5. Ability to interface with Microsoft Office
4. Ability to track customers’ purchasing behavior on a product by product basis
3. Ability to break out information by segment
2. Ability to generate relevant information from raw data
1. And the number one reason is: The ability to access the information I need, when I need it and
how I need to see it without requiring significant effort from the IT department or the Accounting
Department staff to generate it.

In my role, I speak with literally dozens of prospects every week. And I would concur that our
CFO’s number 1 point above is the most common complaint I hear from finance professionals
about the shortcomings of their current system, be it QuickBooks (compare QuickBooks and
Dynamics GP), Peachtree, Sage MAS90/200/500 (compare MAS90/200 and Dynamics GP), or
whatever. Access to information (not just data) is a key reason for evaluating Microsoft Dynamics
GP. It’s what keeps the C-level executives up at night. Hopefully with the right system in place,
these executives have peace of mind.

There’s a lot more information comparing Quickbooks to Our Cloud ERP Offering in our resource centers!

LinkedIn + Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales = Coming Soon!

Announcing the Microsoft Relationship Sales solution coming SOON—bringing LinkedIn Sales Navigator and Dynamics 365 for Sales together to build and manage customer relationships.  

Sales Navigator by LinkedIn provides an integration with Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales (CRM) solution.  The sales tool for prospecting and Insights will be available through LinkedIn Sales Navigator combining two leading Sales solutions at one low price.

Three reasons to check out Sales Navigator:

1. Targeting the ideal buyers and organizations

Find the right people quickly with LinkedIn Sales Navigator. Easily save leads and create a sales lead list to focus on buyers that matter. This sales tool also features a sophisticated algorithm to give you lead recommendations that are tailored to you.  Find key decision makers from over 500 million LinkedIn members and determine the best path to reach them, including introductions from colleagues.

 2. Managing relationships at scale

Increase your sales pipeline, keep data in sync, and engage buyers with relevant content throughout the account lifecycle. Understand buyer intent and follow up effectively. 

3. Engaging buyers with personalized outreach

Sales is all about building relationships. Designed for sales professionals, this sales tool helps you build trust even before the initial conversation. LinkedIn Sales Navigator has the tools to help you stay informed and up-to-date on contacts and accounts. Be in the know with timely and accurate information to turn cold calling into warm conversations.  




Happy 23rd Birthday, SMB Suite!

It all started back in 1994.  SMB Suite was founded by CPAs who had a love for technology to serve the business software needs of clients throughout the US.  The principals of SMB Suite recognized the emerging market opportunity presented by the continuing adoption of internet delivered applications.  They leveraged their extensive experience with ERP solutions to become one of only a few companies worldwide to achieve the designation of Great Plains and later Microsoft Certified ASP (Application Service Provider).

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