Where QuickBooks Falls Short Part II

Where QuickBooks Falls Short Part II

According to PartnerCompete, Quickbooks online has had a surge of growth in Q4 of FY10 in
spite of multiple outages in the service. This doesn’t surprise me for the most part. In a recession,
people are forced to start over and try for their dreams of owning a business. But with this, also
comes growth of businesses and outgrowing Quickbooks online is fairly easy to do.

I’m sure you have run across a few comparisons of QuickBooks vs. Microsoft Dynamics® GP, so
the first thing you should know is that QuickBooks Online currently does not provide purchase
orders or inventory tracking. Reports and graphs are available, but not as many as in QuickBooks
desktop-based. Report customization also is somewhat limited in QuickBooks Online. So if you’ve
already determined you’ve outgrown QuickBooks, you have definitely outgrown QuickBooks

  • Here are a few more negatives of QuickBooks Online for your review:
  • Difficult Implementation: Data cannot be imported from or exported to the desktop-based
    version of QuickBooks into QuickBooks Online Basic.
  • Slow Functionality: Heavy internet traffic may slow down service response time, and servers
    may be down, preventing access to company data and company data cannot be accessed if
    the user’s internet connection is down.
  • High Risk: While every reasonable precaution has been taken to protect the privacy of
    company data, there is always the possibility that a malicious hacker could break through
    Intuit’s security configuration and access accounting data.

, on the other hand, easily scales to the needs of growing organizations.
The Rapid Migration Tool in Microsoft Dynamics GP efficiently migrates your legacy QuickBooks
data in just a few clicks. Microsoft Dynamics GP also makes it easy to gain insight into all aspects
of your business and increase efficiency across the organization, and it has a proven and
innovative platform for continued growth.

Microsoft calls the move from QuickBooks to Dynamics GP “A smart move for your growing
business.” And they back that up with several testimonials from former users of QuickBooks who
have chosen Dynamics GP as a more cohesive and comprehensive business management

Here’s what they say:
“QuickBooks has basic accounting functions, but what Microsoft Dynamics GP offers is the ability
to stay on one product for the entire lifecycle of the company. It grows with your business. If
you’re going to stay a small mom-and-pop operation, something like QuickBooks might work well, but if you intend to grow the business, the last thing you want is to have to convert to another accounting package later on.”
Jeff Skeen, CFO
Titan Fitness Holdings
“As soon as we installed QuickBooks, we knew it was not the right solution – it was inexpensive,
and it enabled simple reporting – but to support the sophisticated project management and
accounting required by our business, we knew we would need to turn to Microsoft Dynamics GP.”
Kenneth Boothe, Jr., Program Manager
Erie Shipbuilding
“Running a growing, multi-departmental organization in QuickBooks became unmanageable. Each
time we added a line of business, we had to create a new QuickBooks instance. It made recording
intercompany transactions and bank reconciliations extremely difficult. One of the strengths of
Microsoft Dynamics GP 10 is that it allows us to maintain separate ledgers for each of these
business units.”
Lee Horton, Director of IT
Current LP
“QuickBooks is an excellent financial solution for a small company. But, as our company grew in
size and volume, we had to create multiple QuickBooks files to maintain operations – and none of
these files could be linked together. This left us unable of practicing traditional accounting
procedures, and it complicated any type of reporting, whether managerial or financial.”
Scott Nesbitt, Chief Accounting Officer
Choice Energy
“A huge difference between QuickBooks and Microsoft Dynamics GP 10.0 is transactional
integrity. We have seven people in our accounting department, plus a Director of Finance. We
need the ability to go back and follow an audit trail for any transaction, so a system that has
transactional integrity is critical.”

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