Dynamics GP for Payables: Q&A

1) Is there an easier way to apply credit memos to invoices?  ANSWER:  Yes, and now. If you have multiple credit memos to apply to a vendor, and you do not care which invoices they are applied to, the fastest way is to use the auto-apply feature.  Best practice would be to apply the credit memo to the invoice at the time you enter the CM.  GP gives you that option.  If you have multiple credit memos to apply to a single invoice, you can do so, but must apply them one at a time.  This does not seem quick, but you can scroll thru the CM’s in the apply transaction window and it’s just a matter of checking the invoice for that credit memo.  It also does not have to be the same invoice.  You can enter several credits and then go to the Apply Payables Documents feature and just apply your credits as you scroll through the listing.  The documentation will walk you through how to do this. 

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Financials, a True Cloud Solution for SMBs

The November 1, 2016 release of Dynamics 365 for Financials is Microsoft’s first true SaaS based solution catered to small and mid-sized businesses. Dynamics 365 can help streamline your business processes to better manage and grow your business.

Dynamics 365 is shaping the trend toward collaboration by extending the vital, user-specific accounting functionality to the entire workforce through familiar tools such as Microsoft Outlook and SharePoint.

Dynamics 365 workflows and productivity integration automate many of the critical tasks and processes upon which a business depends on. All providing greater control over how your staff works and greater freedom to leverage their time.

Integrated with the Microsoft Office 365 platform enables organizations to better manage their business, it’s easy to see all the information you care about in one place and use it to make faster, better‑informed decisions, all built on the power of Microsoft Dynamics 365.  With a single sign on, you can gain real-time financial, sales and operational visibility throughout your business and here is the kicker – it’s all managed through the powerful Microsoft Office tools you already know and use!

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Financials will provide a powerful and optimizable platform that can handle the most strenuous accounting requirements, but is also easy to use and integrated to Office 365. 

With our experience and expertise in supporting our customer’s cloud based financial applications over the decades, we have paved the way for a smooth transition with best practices and provide a stellar support service experience. It’s been our mission to help customers take the pain out of purchasing, implementing and maintaining their financial accounting software.

Our SMB OneView cloud ERP subscription offering is an all-inclusive fixed bid model. OneView – One monthly price. There is no upfront expenditure, no scope creep, no surprises. We believe in providing our customers with the reliability and predictability of an all-inclusive OneView subscription so that our customers can focus on their core business while we manage all the components of your financial cloud application.


Word Templates for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015 Tips

In this session, we will cover Word Template tips in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015.

  • How to display more than 4 lines of comments on a SOP Document
  • Resolutions for the Problems with contents message
  • Tips for Logo’s, bookmarks and creating boxes
  • Keeping your Modified Report synchronized with your Template

Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016: Application New Features

This training will cover the application of new features in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016. The new features areas covered include:
Document Attach
Word Templates
Purchase Orders
Bank Reconciliation
Analytical Accounting
General Ledger
Payables Management
Human Resources
Project Time & Expense
Project Accounting

Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016 – New OData Feature – Training

There is a new OData feature that shipped with the newest release of GP 2016.

The OData feature is going to allow you to deploy an OData service that you can make available to your employees to build reports.

You can build reports through Excel or any other application that is compatible with connecting to an OData service.

System Manager is the module through which the OData setup and configuration takes place,

Below is a training video that covers OData setup and configuration in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016 version.

Topics covered include:
•OData Overview
•OData Service
•OData Security
•OData Sources
•SQL Views and Stored Procedures
•Roles and Security Task Assignments


New Features of Dynamics GP 2016

Demonstrated are new features of Dynamics GP 2016 from the application side.

Review the following:

  • Attach Word Template Edit List for Batch Related Workflows
  • Payroll Posting Accounts Setup Enhancements
  • View HR Balanced in Preview Pane of Navigation Lists
  • Change to PTE Employee Expense Entry Window and Audit of PTE Edit Lists Reports

Balancing Ledgers with ERP Software

You have great accountants and good software, but, despite your best efforts, your general ledgers have become unbalanced. All of a sudden, your team of accountants is scrambling to correct the error — and your current business software is doing nothing to help identify the source of the unbalance.

Your financial accounting software needs to recognize and treat the problems that arise from unbalanced ledgers. The SMB Suite GP Financials tool recognizes and reconciles errors in financial accounting. It compiles inventory, accounts payable, accounts receivable and bank accounts for the most comprehensive reconciliation procedure of any business software on the market.

Learn more about how SMB Suite’s Financial Foundation Subscription allows you to reconcile general ledger errors within one simple interface, and without the need for manual processing.

Benefits of Collections Management for Dynamics GP


Has maximizing your cash flow while reducing your bad debt expense become increasingly important to you? Collections Management in Microsoft Dynamics GP will help you minimize your administrative workload for collections by automating the creation of email notices, correspondence, statements, and invoices, allowing your employees more time to achieve other tasks. Improve your profit with collection activities that are streamlined, easy to use and understand, and fully customizable to your needs. Providing you with clear views of customized information and automated bad debt management tools, Collections Management in Microsoft Dynamics GP can be a powerful tool for financial management by improving your cash and reducing your bad debt expense.

New Functionality in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016 – Web Client, Workflows and SmartList Enhancements

Microsoft rolled out a new system wide web client, work flow enhancements and SmartList features for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016. 

The latest release of Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016 includes HTML5 web client.  With the HTML5 client, the latest changes include:

  • Home page can customized to the users preference
  • The ellipses next to the title of each area page can be bigger or collapsed
  • Change company window can be opened by clicking on the company name

Workflow updates:

  • Workflow condition management enhancements
  • Workflow email notifications for alternate approvers

SmartList features:

  • Export and import SmarLists created in SmartList Designer
  • Create a new SmartList from a favorite with non-standard columns
  • Numeric fields in a SmartList are exported to Excel as numbers

This video course details the new functionality available in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016 specifically in the area of Web Client, Workflow and SmartList.


ERP Software To Enhance Productivity

Everyone interacts with business software differently. To streamline processes, each user should be given the opportunity to customize his or her own interface to highlight the details and tasks most relevant to his or her job.

Configuring your dashboard is easy with SMB Suite. A CFO creates a dashboard that focuses on the overall financial accounting aspects of the business, while a non-managerial employee highlights his or her own tasks and deadlines.