4 Ways Cloud ERP Systems Will Empower Your Employees

4 Ways Cloud ERP Systems Will Empower Your Employees

Empowering your employees is all about making their jobs easier and more efficient. It’s about having tools that provide them the ability to make better decisions and improve the company.

While there are a million different ways to empower your workforce, using a cloud ERP system to manage your financials may not seem like the obvious answer. But make no mistake, giving your team the power to work from home, be more productive and obtain critical information to boost the effectiveness of their decisions is absolutely empowering.

Here are four ways that cloud ERP can empower your employees to drive organizational success.

  1. Have access to better information, faster: Thanks to a myriad of reports, business intelligence tools and dashboards, every member of the company is able to have the power to make better decisions. From a management perspective, data can be captured and measured, allowing leaders to make adjustments for the future. Furthermore, managers can monitor progress in real time. This visibility is very powerful and empowers employees.
  2. Become more efficient: Companies save money when they have an all-encompassing system that has accountability and efficiencies built into the fabric of the software. For example, when companies upgrade from spreadsheets and QuickBooks to a cloud ERP offering, they are able remove the need for manual data entry and duplicate record keeping. They obtain one source of truth. The sales and marketing teams also become more efficient. With cloud ERP, they have the ability to build in predefined business processes that help them streamline the way they work. They’re able to gain more visibility into their work and are able to make adjustments when something goes wrong. Armed with powerful information, people across the entire company are more accountable for their actions.
  3. Monitor their own performance: Companies must have measures to ensure success. Cloud ERP allows employees to do regular checks — daily, weekly, etc. — to see how they’re performing on those metrics. This helps employees to make adjustments as needed to ensure they’re delivering. Without that information in users’ hands, your employees often don’t have a good idea where to make improvements. Reporting and performance measures allow them to fix what’s not working.
  4. Work from anywhere at any time: Have access to the information not just when you’re sitting at your desk in your office, but also while you’re at home or traveling for work. Being able to access your system or functional area within the system from a mobile device is changing the way — for the better — that companies interact with each other departmentally and between individuals. Companies are increasingly using remote workers and employees are looking for remote work. Gen Y employees often make decisions about working for companies based on whether they’re allowed to work remotely. If you’re interested in hiring in the Gen Y employee group, this software feature is a huge advantage. Allowing workers to telecommute is a win-win. Happy employees work more and are more productive.

Armed with a cloud ERP solution, your employees will have the reporting tools, business intelligence and real-time data they need in order to respond to critical issues with confidence. The result is better productivity for the organization as a whole and more freedom for employees to work from anywhere.


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