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Need to know who entered a payables invoice in Dynamics GP?

If you have ever needed to supply documentation showing who entered a payables invoice in Dynamics GP, you know the frustration that the data in the open and history payables transactions tables updates this information to be the user who issued or applied a payment to the invoice.  You can join to the payables keys master table to obtain this information with the script below. 

SMB Suite’s Dynamics GP in the Cloud, Embrace Your Opportunity!

Brief history: ERP in the cloud has been referred to by many names, including application service provider (ASP) accounting solution, accounting software on demand, software-as-a-service accounting (SaaS Accounting), and recently from Microsoft Dynamics GP, hosted accounting. Although there may be some minor variations among these terms, the underlying principle is largely the same: under a cloud ERP delivery model, applications are housed in a remote location and delivered directly to end users as a service via the Internet.