Will Your Data Be Safe in the Cloud? Part 2 and 3 of 6

Will Your Data Be Safe in the Cloud? Part 2 and 3 of 6

The next two items on our list have a physical nature. Fire and physical threat are very important to protect against and we at SMB Suite monitor both as closely as any other component in our data center. Though one thing stands out and that’s the ability to suppress our sprinkler system until we know a fire threat is real.

Fire Suppression
SMB Suite utilizes a pre-action fire suppression system that holds water outside of the equipment area until an actual fire is verified. This suppression system ensures that if a sprinkler head is accidentally damaged, water will not drain into the equipment area. Fire conditions are monitored by a combination of heat and smoke sensors. Heat sensors are located above and below the ceiling tile surface as well as above and below the raised floor surface to detect fire conditions in all equipment room spaces. The fire suppression system can be activated only when multiple inputs confirm the existence of a fire on the premises.

Physical Security
Access to the Data Center is protected 24 hours a day. In order to gain entry into the data center all guests must pass through two-factor authentication barriers. A Northern Proximity security badge is required for entry/exit on all data center doors in the facility. Shifts patrol the data center and facility area regularly, and motion-sensitive cameras throughout the facilities track all data center activity. Okay, normal protection, right? True. But it’s the combination of all the factors in our security that create a safe environment for your data. We have a few more to come. Stay tuned. Also visit us at www.smbsuite.com for more information on our business accounting and reporting software cloud technology.

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