SMB Suite’s Unique Approach to IT Services

SMB Suite’s Unique Approach to IT Services

SMB Suite exists as a platform company that makes the lives of small to medium-sized businesses easier with our unique and simple strategy for integrating technology into your business. The biggest difference with SMB Suite is that all of our services are packaged into a flat rate each month, with no surprises.


Most companies that sell software and technology solutions are VARs, or Value-Added Resellers. They operate on a model that’s focused on upselling, upcharges and hidden fees.


We’re not another Value-Added Reseller (VAR), and here’s why:


Traditional VARs

SMB Suite

Sell piecemeal software products without integration, then upsell integrations and customizations to boost profit margins

Offers proven, fully-developed integrations ready out of the box so your business can maximize productivity with our software from day one

Can’t control the cost of their products, due to increasing costs from manufacturers

Controls costs by billing customers a customized, flat rate each month––with no fees added

Consistently pushing new products and software updates…for a cost, of course.

SMB’s monthly flat rate includes all software updates and maintenance necessary to keep your products functioning properly.


We support businesses through Financial Accounting (ERP), CRM, Managed IT Services, Business Intelligence and CPQ to simplify the way you view and execute technology in your company. While we have a variety of services suited for your business, we’re not going to sell you on things you don’t need. If we think a service or technology we offer is crucial to your business, we’ll make our case. At the end of the day, we’re here to be your partner, not push you to purchase products unnecessary for the success of your business.


How we’re changing the game of IT Services


As we mentioned before, we establish partnerships with clients. We’re in the business of providing ongoing technical support, not selling software and going off the grid. As opposed to other IT Services, SMB Suite’s unique model increases efficiency, responsiveness and reliability with customers.


We stand apart from VARs in many ways, but we like to think our holistic approach and suite of solutions equip us to support high-tech, emerging facets while providing accessibility for clients––fueling us forward in the race against VARs. Support from our highly qualified team keeps your technology working at maximum potential all while paying a lower, customized monthly fee.


Increasing productivity, not costs


When it comes down to it, we understand customers want complete visibility and control of their software investment. We’re proud to say that with SMB Suite, that is what you get! With easy to understand monthly payments, your bill will be what you expect every single month. Our unique pricing model consists of no hidden fees or additional pricing for software updates, resulting in greater value for our clients.


Consider the graph below. These costs are based on clients’ actual experience with SMB Suite compared to the “traditional” way of doing business. SMB Suite charges a flat monthly fee that includes training, updates, network support, backups and software.


When you build the same plan with another company, you end up with huge upfront costs associated with infrastructure and licensing, and high ongoing costs to maintain and update your software.



The biggest danger that we at SMB Suite have seen play out with Traditional VAR relationships is that companies will start cutting important services – backups, updates, tech support, staffing – in order to control costs over time. This exposes companies to significant risk, as all of these services are essential. Service packs often contain updates to tax codes and regulations. Backups provide your company with a safety net in the event of a system failure. We see companies cut these services to control their technology costs all the time.


There’s no need to spend an exorbitant amount to receive the technology your company requires to maintain optimal productivity. SMB Suite’s flat-rate pricing is the better way for your business to leverage technology and achieve your business goals. Contact us at 1-888-525-6398 to connect today.

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