Outsourcing Security Resources: A Major Advantage of Moving GP to the Cloud

Cyber security threats can cripple a business

Outsourcing Security Resources: A Major Advantage of Moving GP to the Cloud

Cyber security threats don’t have to cripple your small business. Outsourcing to SMB Suite is like wielding an army of specialists for a fraction of the cost of hiring full-time employees.


It’s Monday at 4:50 p.m., and everyone’s packing up to head home. Then someone in accounting tells IT that the accounting software is acting buggy. It sounds suspicious enough that the small IT team puts their jackets down to investigate. They soon discover the worst. The accounting system has been hacked. It’s only Monday,and losing the software for the rest of the week will cripple the business. If only they’d detected the threat. If only they had the resources to fix the issue.


What if this was your small business? If your accounting system suddenly didn’t work, what would you do? If your entire computer system didn’t work, how would you rebuild? Security disasters like this can and will shut a small business down. 


With SMB Suite’s Dynamics GP Move to Cloud service, companies are covered 365 days, 24/7, with security, maintenance, backups, disaster recovery and GP expertise support help.


“With SMB Suite’s GP Move to Cloud service, a company can have a smaller staff, because outsourcing to a cloud provider keeps them from having to worry about security, backups, disaster recovery or GP knowledge,” said SMB Suite Chief Operations Officer Monty Milliner. “Companies don’t need a GP expert in house, because we are that expert for them. They can have a smaller workforce and focus on the things they do well, rather than making sure their accounting system is up to par.”


SMB Suite: At the Forefront of the Latest Cyber Security Technology


SMB Suite dedicated 2019 to a significant investment in cloud infrastructure with the purchase of brand-new Dell hardware for its cloud customers. In making this upgrade, cyber security is stronger than ever for SMB Suite cloud customers. SMB Suite is aware of and tracking the latest cyber threats, like Spectre/Meltdown (Q1 of 2018); Foreshadow (Q4 of 2018); and the latest threat, Zombieload (Q2 of 2019). 


This major SMB Suite investment costs Cloud clients zero dollars.


“The only way to mitigate cyber security threats is with brand-new hardware,” Monty explained. “All of our cloud clients are now in this new hardware. The threats we detect, monitor and mitigate might not have even been noticed by internal staff and certainly might not have been responded to. Those are the things we keep an eye out for so companies don’t have to. For in-house teams to provide this level of cyber security, it would require a huge investment and infrastructure.”


SMB Suite Cloud Service: Expanding Your Team for A Fraction of the Cost of Full-Time Employees


With SMB Suite’s response time, small businesses subscribed to the GP Cloud services will feel like they have employees on site taking care of any situation. And SMB Suite cloud services is a fraction of the cost to hire full-time employees willing to work around the clock to battle security threats and other technical issues.


SMB Suite’s dedicated support staff mans the support desk Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. central, and technicians and consultants are on call 24/7. So, customers can call absolutely any time, night or day. Plus, there is no extra cost to cloud customers who need to call support after normal SMB Suite business hours.


Ready to enjoy the many benefits of SMB Suite’s GP cloud services? Contact us today.

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