GP Solutions Individually Tailored for You

GP Solutions Individually Tailored

GP Solutions Individually Tailored for You

Existing GP Customers can bring over their existing GP license when onboarding with SMB Suite.


Let’s say that you have decided that you’re ready to reduce your IT costs and increase your security by moving to the cloud with SMB Suite. But two short months ago, you paid a lot of money to purchase the latest annual enhancement plan for Microsoft Dynamics. It was a major investment, and paying additional money for a subscription service is a difficult pill to swallow.


This is actually a perfect time to partner with SMB Suite for your GP needs!


SMB Suite allows you to bring over your existing GP license with the new implementation. While some subscription service companies require complete control over contracts, SMB Suite is unique in that it allows users the greatest amount of flexibility. With an existing license in place, integration with SMB Suite is incredibly easy. This also allows both the client and SMB Suite to determine if the present contract is the most efficient and cost-effective, or if other options might be more suitable.


This BYOL (Bring-Your-Own-License) concept has already worked with several existing SMB Suite clients. When moving operations from on-premise to the Cloud, it isn’t unusual for license agreements and annual enhancement plans to be already in place. Once SMB Suite partners with a client, these licenses are examined to determine their overall effectiveness. Often, licenses and enhancement plans remain as they are and SMB Suite provides additional support and other services.


Benefits of GP License Subscription Plans


Many times, however, the cost savings of moving to a subscription plan are very attractive. Converting to subscription licensing is easy and nearly invisible — except for the positive effect it has on a bottom line. Depending on client investment, subscription services may make sense once the present license has ended. Switching to these plans is determined on a case-by-case basis, and SMB Suite works with the client to find the lowest cost of ownership.


Subscription licensing also eliminates lapsed or passed renewal plans. This is perhaps the most attractive reason to pick up a license subscription for small and medium-sized businesses. SMB Suite can provide its clients the newest enhancements and upgrades via subscription licensing, even if the client has a lapsed GP license. Perhaps a monthly license instead of an annual license will best benefit a company. SMB Suite can help any client navigate its GP licenses to find out what is best for them.


The bottom line: Your present GP license situation can easily be integrated with an individually tailored plan for your business at SMB Suite. Regardless of whether your plan has been renewed recently, or if it has lapsed, SMB Suite has the perfect solution and expertise to keep your business current. Contact us now to find out what SMB Suite can do for you.

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