Four Questions: Discover Your Need for Cloud-Based ERP

Four Questions: Discover Your Need for Cloud-Based ERP



At SMB Suite, we offer multiple cloud-based ERP solutions that provide an all-in-one platform to effectively track all your data without the worry of maintaining disparate systems. Cloud ERP solutions from Microsoft and NetSuite provide a wealth of benefits that help your business grow and stay on track. If you answer “yes” to any of the following questions surrounding your business’s financial processes, a cloud-based ERP solution is right for you. 


Are you using piecemeal spreadsheets and applications for your financial processes?

How do you maintain your financial information? Many growing businesses tend to use piecemeal spreadsheets, applications, and other tools that require duplicated effort and manual data entry. Businesses today can streamline their financial process with a cloud-based ERP solution instead of sticking to these unreliable methods. 


Do you enter the same data into multiple systems? 

Cloud-based platforms are integrated, meaning that one system handles everything from entering an order to reporting that it’s been successfully delivered, invoicing the customer to ensuring that the invoice has been paid – all your data remains in one system.


When your data is spread across numerous platforms, the risk for error is significantly increased. Manual entry of data leads to far more errors than integrated systems. Plus, tracking down specific information in a folder of different spreadsheets is time-consuming. For businesses looking to avoid mistakes, save time and money, a cloud-based ERP solution is the obvious choice.


How do you ensure proper audit trails are produced in your accounting system? 

If someone alters data in the system (adds a figure, deletes funds, moves accounts, etc.) that action is immediately tracked. The ERP system communicates who made the change and when it occurred, providing full transparency and traceability in the event that an error or audit occurs. 


When it comes to disaster recovery, do you have a game plan if your technology solutions are destroyed? 

If all your valuable information is housed in multiple spreadsheets and systems, what happens if those systems are corrupted or destroyed? With a cloud-hosted ERP solution, your systems and data are being backed up multiple times a day. This all but eliminates the risk of loss, and if damage does occur, data restoration can be nearly instantaneous.


At SMB Suite, we take pride in significantly reducing IT problems for customers who choose us as their partner to move financial processes to the cloud. We work to build a value-added relationship with our customers, providing service pack applications and patches, virus protection, data management and application upgrades all as a part of our monthly price. By transitioning to an ERP solution with SMB Suite, you’re freeing up time for your team to focus on what’s important: growing your business.


SMB Suite is committed to growing with your company, every step of the way. Contact us today to learn how our cloud ERP solution can work for you. 

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