Field Service Included in Dynamcis 365

Field Service Included in Dynamcis 365


There are new field services features coming in the fall release of Dynamics 365. Field Service is a business application that is a part of Dynamics 365and integrates with other business applications like sales, project service automation and customer service to provide end to end customer engagement.


Organizations constantly strive to improve customer satisfaction and improve resource productivity. A field service management tool ensures this by making sure the right person with the right skillset and parts show up in the right place at the right time. But, simultaneously improving both customer satisfaction and productivity is a challenge. In the past, if you spent a lot of time with a customer to make them happy, your productivity decreased. Or, vice versa, if you try to for in a few more appointments in each day, you may compromise on your quality of work and customer interactions.


Today however with Dynamics 365 for Field Service enabling digital transformation, organizations can achieve both. Dynamics 365 empowers companies to deliver predictive and proactive service to improve customer statistics, first time fix rates and resource production through advanced scheduling, resource optimization and mobile enablement.


Field Service Workflow in Dynamics 365:

Receive Job

  • Order, Phone Call, Social Media, loT Device

Scheduling and Dispatch

  • Manual Assisted Automated Optimization

Customer Contact

  • Voice, Text/SMS, Portal

Performance Service

  • Instructions, Update Parts, Opportunities

Collect Payment

  • Onsite Invoice

Complete Work Order

  • Approval


Highlights – Improved Existing Capabilities and What’s New:

  • Connected Field Service
  • Resource Scheduling Optimization
  • Scheduling Unification
  • Customer Communications
  • Empowered Maps
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