Dynamics GP for Payables: Q&A

Dynamics GP for Payables: Q&A

1) Is there an easier way to apply credit memos to invoices?  ANSWER:  Yes, and now. If you have multiple credit memos to apply to a vendor, and you do not care which invoices they are applied to, the fastest way is to use the auto-apply feature.  Best practice would be to apply the credit memo to the invoice at the time you enter the CM.  GP gives you that option.  If you have multiple credit memos to apply to a single invoice, you can do so, but must apply them one at a time.  This does not seem quick, but you can scroll thru the CM’s in the apply transaction window and it’s just a matter of checking the invoice for that credit memo.  It also does not have to be the same invoice.  You can enter several credits and then go to the Apply Payables Documents feature and just apply your credits as you scroll through the listing.  The documentation will walk you through how to do this. 

2) Address changes – can one check be cut no matter what remit address is on the invoice?  ANSWER:  No.  You will have to update the older invoices to reflect the new remit address.  GP allows this through the Edit Transaction Information option under Transactions.  I have also attached a document that will walk you through how to do this.  So for example:  If you have older invoices not yet paid, and your vendor has changed their remit to address, you would need to go into those older, open invoices and change the remit address ID to the new remit address, provided you have set it up in the system.  Only then will you be able to cut a check for all invoices for the vendor.

3) Tax Schedules in GP?  ANSWER:  Tax schedules in payables allows GP to calculate state taxes on purchases in your system. 

4)  Distribution reference in the GL Distribution fields – can this default?  ANSWER:  Yes – but this would be a windows customization to create.  We can create a customization in the window that would pull from another field where you are entering a description for that invoice.  For example, the description field in the Transaction Entry Window.  The customization could pull the description from that field into the GL account distribution description field. 

5) Can partial payments be entered against an invoice? ANSWER:  Yes. 

6) Can I put a hold on a specific invoice? ANSWER:  YES!!  You can put a hold on individual invoices and they will then not be selected in the check payment process. 


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