Cut to the Chase about Moving to the Cloud: What’s the Bottom Line?

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Cut to the Chase about Moving to the Cloud: What’s the Bottom Line?

Moving your software from on-premise to “in the cloud” is a cost-effective measure for most small and medium-sized businesses. The cost savings might surprise you.


Small and medium-sized businesses face some of the greatest difficulties in the open market. Margins seem to shrink and shrink, and many times it seems impossible to get an edge on the competition. While running a business, time researching the latest accounting software or CRM technologies is better spent elsewhere. With every improvement the competition makes, businesses have to respond in kind, or risk falling behind.


There are any number of reasons to move from an on-site software package to software solutions based in the cloud. The Software as a Service model (SaaS) reduces upfront costs, continuing expenses, business risks and security issues. Moving to cloud-based software may be the competitive edge a business needs. Still, many companies cling to the autonomy of on-premise solutions, at a significant cost. In the end, businesses who move to the cloud save dramatic amounts of money and are simply better protected, and more competitive.


SMB Suite is a complete cloud-based solution. This means that SMB Suite provides all the web-based Microsoft SMB management applications needed to run absolutely any small to medium-sized business. For a fixed monthly fee and no money down, SMB Suite provides the most up-to-date solutions including accounting, finance, distribution, purchasing, sales, marketing, email, calendaring, and web presence. In its twenty five plus years, SMB Suite has hundreds of implementations to its name and their low-cost model has been recognized as one of the best values in the industry.


What’s in it For Me?


Rapid Implementation or Installation with SMB Total Solution Pricing includes:

  • Set-up, training, design, testing, project management
  • Best Practices
  • Process & procedures for each delivery area
  • Documentation of process & procedures
  • Standards and metrics
  • Business controls
  • Security
  • Decision making
  • Change management (end users)
  • Version Upgrades
  • Testing and Change Management (systems-hardware/software only)


Financially, SMB Total Solution pricing looks quite different than equitable on-premise solutions: 

  • Fixed Bid – no budget overruns
  • Zero Down
  • Fixed Fee
  • No Investment Charges
  • Equal Monthly Payments
  • No Start-up Costs


Every SMB Total Solution is tailor-made business by business, accounting for seasonal shifts or varied growth rates. This is not a one-size-fits-all creation, but is a detailed, personalized solution dedicated to reducing costs and creating a rapid ROI.

But What Does a Cloud Based Solution Cost?


Of course, as each business is different, so is every SaaS solution. But as an example, below is an example of a small accounting department for five users. In this scenario, an annual cost of less that $27,000 includes far more than an on-premise scenario, before including hardware costs or space, systems, services, firewall and other security, network hosting, support and more. This particular savings would be more than an 85% reduction in annual costs.



A similar CRM model in the cloud is 1/10 the price of a similar on-premise solution.

Is Cloud Based Software the Right Solution for My Business?


Yes. Cloud-based software solutions are secure, cost-effective and easy. Every business, large or small, will find these services are ideal both for production and for their bottom line. SMB Suite specializes in bringing these tools and savings to small and medium-sized businesses. Use this Solution Advisor to get a free quote about how SMB Suite can give your company elite, upgraded software for a low price.

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