7 Ways to Work Smarter in the Cloud: Parts 3 & 4

7 Ways to Work Smarter in the Cloud: Parts 3 & 4

Welcome back to part three and four of our blog series covering the Office 365 platform, integrated with Microsoft ERP and CRM.

Synchronize Your Business

It’s rare to find a busniess todaythat sticks to strict 9:00-to-5:00 operations. The most successful businesses have become much more fluid, using cloud and mobile technology to broaden their reach and compete within the market. These businesses often need to communicate and share information with customers, partners, and suppliers in different time zones or different countries.

Cloud storage synchronizes information across different devices, so you and your colleagues are always viewing the lastest version of a file no matter where you’re working or what device you’re using. When you use cloud-based productivity and collaboration tools, you can stay on the same page with distant partners and offsite employees, who can seee the most up-to-date content. The cloud also provides high-level security and privacy while ensuring the access control you need.

Work Out Loud

A growing number of forward-thinking businesses are taking collaboration to a new level by adopting Microsoft OneNote shared notebooks to provide a centralized place where they can share all project information, including photos, videos, drawings, typed or handwritten notes, screen clippings, and web pages. When team memebers work together in the same notebook, OneNote syncs their changes within seconds. With powerful search and versioning, everyone can quickly find just what they’re looking for.

In addition, the adoption of social technologies like Yammer, an enterprise-grade social network, can connect remote employees and enhance collaboration. Organizations that use social technologies see a 37 percent improvement in project collaboration, and almost 70 percent of users agree that social technology improves collaboration across remote locations. With the right set of social technologies to support open communication and seamless collaboration – no matter where people work – companies can respond more quickly to changing market conditions.

These real-time collaboration tools can notonly help your employees work better internally, but also with those outside of your business. Yammer and files created in OneNote shared notebooks in Office 2016 can be shared with external partners, suppliers, and customers. According to a 2013 Yammer survey, companies that use such technologies experience a 20 percent improvent in supplier and partner satisfaction.

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