7 Ways to Work Smarter in the Cloud: Parts 1 & 2

7 Ways to Work Smarter in the Cloud: Parts 1 & 2

Join us for our blog series covering the Office 365 platform, integrated with Microsoft ERP and CRM, to enable organizations to better manage their business.  It’s easy to see all the information you care about in one place and use it to make faster, better‑informed decisions, all built on the power of Microsoft ERP, CRM, and Office 365.  With a single sign on, integrated cloud ERP and CRM solution set, you can gain real-time financial, sales, and operational visibility throughout your business.


Efficient collaboration and communication are vital components in the success of every business.  Luckily, Office 365 makes it easier than ever to work smarter, not harder, so you can do your best work. With Office 365 apps like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook, as well as other productivity apps, you can redefine how you communicate and collaborate. Features such as coauthoring in real time, instant messaging (IM), video, and voice make it easier to create, share, and work together wherever you are, across your favorite devices.


Increase Productivity by Working Together in the Cloud

Businesses of all sizes are taking advantage of the convergence of cloud and mobile technology to enhance collaboration and productivity, accommodate different work styles, and reduce costs. Many companies now let employees work from anywhere, provide cloud-based productivity tools so those workers can communicate and collaborate more effectively, and encourage them to use their own devices for work.


In a March 2014 Dimensional Research survey of 300 SMB information technology professionals, 97 percent said that anytime, anywhere access to data and applications makes employees more effective. Enabling employees to work where, how, and on the devices they prefer can lead to greater productivity and improved collaboration- especially when they are empowered to work together using Office 2016.


With the new Office 2016 apps, you and your employees can use a mix of business and personal devices to access trusted business applications while benefiting from a consistent experience across your favorite desktops, laptops, smart phones, and tablets running iOS, Android, and Windows operating systems. Office 2016 gives you the flexibility to securely access and edit documents in real time across devices, so your team is always working from the latest version with everyone’s changes saved. Your company will benefit from the collaboration boost that comes from sharing documents fluidly and holding productive meetings from multiple locations.  


Go Mobile

The world reached a new milestone in 2014, as mobile devices began to outnumber people for the first time. Mobile technology is now multiplying five times faster than the global population, at a rate of about 10 new devices every second. In addition, more than 260 million people who work in small businesses now telecommute or use cloud-based services.


Meanwhile, the emerging global generation is mobile by nature. As mobile technology continues to redefine how and where people communicate and collaborate, businesses have the opportunity to tap into this developing market and to capitalize on the evolving mobile workforce as their business grows.


Office 2016 offers you and your team full-fidelity viewing and editing of Office documents across Windows, Android, and Apple devices. That means you and your team can review, edit, analyze, and present with a consistent, familiar user experience optimized for your preferred devices. You can also switch easily from one device to the next without missing a beat. With the office Office apps’ integration with Microsoft OneDrive for Business, you can access documents from anywhere, pick up where you left off on whatever device you were working on last, and even coauthor with others when you are on the go.


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