Managed IT

ERP Software to Identify Past-Due Customers

Financials are complicated, but important. You need financial accounting software that’s accurate, comprehensive and easy to understand — plus, it should have reporting capabilities that seamlessly integrate with familiar tools like Microsoft Office.

SMB Suite’s Financials Foundation is an all-in one cloud ERP and financial accounting solution. With a configurable interface, SMB Suite allows you to recognize and deal with past-due customers with letter templates, account holds and a range of alert options.

Customizable ERP Reports

Your business is multifaceted. You need a comprehensive business solution that enables you to create dashboards and ERP reports that are relevant to each aspect of your organization.

SMB Suite’s Financials module allows you to create role-based dashboards for all your employees’ needs, focusing on accounting aspects, CRM and more. Make sure your most relevant and timely information is easily accessible by customizing your dashboards to include new tasks, upcoming deadlines and interactive reports.

Opportunity Mining: Using CRM to Find More Business Opportunity

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) has typically been viewed as a technology and not as a tool for greater opportunity. As such, much of the focus of business is on the evaluation, acquisition, implementation, cost, and management of a CRM system – instead of how to use CRM as a key tool for the mining of new opportunities.

How does CRM help you find more opportunities? How is CRM an effective mining tool? The answer to both these questions can be answered in a simple sentence, “By helping you create more loyal and satisfied customers.”

Let’s take a look at  how you can “mine” new opportunities – even from your existing customers and current operations – by using CRM to accomplish the following five activities:

  1. Find and Nurture Your Best Customers: Many businesses focus on the customers that buy the most, thinking that revenue equals success. In the end however, it’s loyalty, satisfaction, and profits that equal success. CRM identifies the most loyal and profitable customers and gives you the tools needed to nurture those relationships into more opportunities for your company.
  2. Align Goals: When your customer service and value align with your customer’s goals, the outcome is a ‘win-win.’ CRM captures, aligns, and assigns customer’s goals within your organization to maximize your relationship and opportunity capture.

Seamless Integration of Sales Management Software

Between salespeople, management and overseers, many hands touch your sales and sales pipeline. While this is great for quality management and control, each handoff opens up the opportunity to lose information in the transfer. You need a sales management solution that keeps every user abreast of changes to avoid mistakes, inventory errors and duplicate entries.

With the CRM Sales Foundation package by SMB Suite, your business management software is completely integrated with Outlook and your other Microsoft Office reporting tools. Real-time updates and refreshes span every platform you’re working on and include every task, from quote requests to management approvals.

Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016- HTML5 Web Client Search

The new client uses a stack design in its window handling. You can have multiple windows open, but you can only have one in focus at a time. If you want to go back to a window lower in the stack, then you would want to use the Window Search feature to navigate directly to the window.