NextCorp is a leading Microsoft Dynamics Gold Certified Partner and Global Application Service Provider (ASP) focused on eliminating technology business risk for small to medium business in the delivery of accounting and business critical solutions.


NextCorp has Developed SMB Suite, the industries first and most powerful online offering created from integrated Microsoft business software. Designed and built specifically for the small and medium sized business, the SMB Suite brings together four powerful solutions, each designed specifically for your needs:


  • SMB Controller – enterprise-class financials
  • SMB CRM – for the best in customer management
  • SMB Collaborator – helping you drive increased productivity
  • SMB IT Manager – for expert training and management of your technology environment


In all things, do your best


Do you want to drive the value sooner with proven processes that reduce costs and increase revenues for the businesses just like yours? NextCorp’s consultants, managed services team, and support staff have years of experience and certifications with the latest Microsoft business software, and are equipped with proven business processes for rapid implementation, efficient upgrades, and effective support which reduces the risk and exposure your business faces. 


1-2-3 Rapid Implementation


Is the disruption of switching systems keeping you tied to an outdated system? NextCorp’s 1-2-3 Rapid Implementation process can have your system up and running in days and includes best practices for design & planning, training, and a system walk-through to ensure the system your business needs is exactly the system your business gets. 


Customizations as unique as your business


Does your current system limit your ability to change your business processes, generate custom reporting, or respond to the market? The combination of Microsoft’s powerful and flexible business software and NextCorp’s seasoned consultants and developers means that all your business-critical systems from ERP to Salesforce Automation to productivity & collaboration can be configured, customized and integrated so you can reduce costs and increase revenues. 


Training to prevent the issues…


Do you need a complete training program that includes comprehensive system training as well as continuing education of new features, best practices, and new staff over time? NextCorp offers a variety of training from self-paced on-line training to instructor-led classroom training (even at your facility). 


…Support when you can’t


Are you ready to smile at the end of a support call? NextCorp’s clients do it all the time, in fact, for the last four consecutive quarters, 95% or more of the support callers are satisfied with the support they just received – high marks for the folks who are on-call 24/7 to answer the most difficult business system issues you can throw at them. 


Learn more about the latest Business Solutions from Microsoft


Best Practices & Implementation


We help you from start to finish with implementing your business software applications. 


  • Best Practices
  • 1-2-3 Rapid Implementation
  • Design & Setup
  • Training
  • Satisfaction Walk Through
  • Learn More…


Customization & Integration


It takes skill and experience to mold information systems to reflect your business. Discuss your unique needs with NextCorp’s team today and leverage the power of your ERP or Sales system to work for you. 


  • Configuration
  • Customization
  • Integration
  • 3rd Party Solutions
  • MS SharePoint
  • Learn More…


Support & Training


Let us know how our experienced team of certified Dynamics professionals can serve your business. 


  • 24/7 US Phone Support
  • Web, Classroom, and On-Site Training
  • 95% Customer Satisfaction
  • Learn More…


Eliminating Technology Business Risk, Easily.


Where technology and business meet, there is risk: financial, time, disruption, process flexibility, and growth. Technology can bring new levels of productivity and lower business costs. But getting there can, sometimes, be painful and expensive. 


Since 1994, NextCorp has been eliminating the risks associated with technology for business. We have proven, time and time again, that the adoption of technology does improve business and can actually reduce business risks. 


Powerful Solutions. Powerful Benefits.


  • Lower Operational Costs
  • Fewer Customer Losses
  • Improved Flexibility
  • More Accurate Forecasting
  • Accelerated Productivity
  • Faster Problem Resolution
  • Better Information Security




  • Financials (GL, AR, AP)
  • CRM
  • HR
  • Reporting
  • Forecasting
  • Business
  • Intelligence




  • Personal Tools
  • Collaboration Tools
  • Email/File Sharing
  • User Help Desk




  • Application
  • Hosting
  • Information Security
  • Backup/Recover
  • Device Management
  • 24/7 Support
  • Intrusion Protection




  • Installation
  • Tech Planning
  • Software Implementation
  • Process Improvement
  • Custom Enhancement
  • Employee Training
  • Remote Management


Why NextCorp?


Our unique and industry leading solution ensures that all projects are on time, on budget, and virtually without disruption to the ongoing business. And, the NextCorp solutions never hold back business. 


The NextCorp solutions accelerate business productivity, substantially lowering costs, and increasing business responsiveness to market change. 


Our customers are market leaders. A big reason is that they’ve chosen NextCorp to help them eliminate technology business risks. Our customers know that they can focus on their business because we take care of the technology. It’s that easy. 


A Continuum of Business Value.


Ever talk to a vendor who has one solution to a problem? Who wants you to adapt your business to that one solution? Your business is unique and has distinctive needs. You don’t want a “one size fits all” technology solution for your business. We know this. 


NextCorp offers a full range of solutions that eliminate technology business risk, easily. Our continuum of value allows your business to adopt just the right technology your business needs today, while ensuring you’ve got the options you want tomorrow. 


Because of our broad business value, our customers enjoy the benefit of getting the right solution the first time without ever being “locked in” to one solution. Your business can expand, merge, acquire, or even decide to change your culture. No matter which direction you go, NextCorp is there with the perfect solution. 


Uniquely Qualified to Meet Your Needs


NextCorp is unique in the market. Our broad and deep experience spans every area of a business. Founded by CPAs, we know business, finance, process and productivity. Based on Microsoft technologies, we bring the best components to every solution – from IT to the user. Architected for flexibility and speed, our solution personnel and deployment models and methods deliver the right results the first time, every time. And, our award-winning help desk makes sure that your users get the assistance they need, when they need it. 


NextCorp is the best of all worlds. Proven business experience, an established technology foundation, demonstrated methods and processes, deeply experienced people, and readily available support. One source for everything. Only one call away. 


No other vendor offers all this to its customer. Period. 

Focused on Your Success.


NextCorp focuses on the small to mid-sized enterprise (SME). SMEs can now afford and have the same benefits that have been traditionally reserved for the largest companies. With NextCorp, your business can compete with the best. 


The Solutions, Product, and Technology.


NextCorp offers a full range of applications. IT infrastructure, and support services to deliver the solution your business requires. To do this, we work with only the best underlying components. 


The Implementation Methodology.


The key to swift implementation and project success is a proven, repeatable methodology. At NextCorp, we’ve spent 12 years building our repeatable, economical, and predictable implementation methodology that delivers the business results you want in the timeframe you need. 


“The single most important factor in the success of any business initiative is people. From the assistance with the application selection through implementation to training and support, we fuse our extensive business operations, technology, and applications experience to deliver advanced technologies that add direct business benefit to our customers.” 


David Greer, Founder and Chairman
NextCorp Limited


The Successes.


Our success is built upon our customer’s success. And our customers have consistently and substantially driven down operational cost, have increased their ability to meet new market or customer needs, have never been “locked in” to a solution that won’t meet future need, all while being able to focus on the single most important thing to them – their business. 


Over 13 years, hundreds of customers, and thousands of users, NextCorp has built a string of business solution successes around the world. NextCorp has consistently delivered strong business-based technology solutions that have eliminated business technology risk. 


Eliminating technology business risk, easily. This is NextCorp.


10 NextCorp Advantages.


  1. Lower operational costs: formalized business processes
  2. Better business planning and higher productivity: info at your fingertips. 
  3. Elimination of Technology Obsolescence: You’re always on the latest version. 
  4. Predictability of technology costs: no surprises or hidden costs. 
  5. No solution “lock in”: get only what you need, when you need it. 
  6. A continuum of value: meeting your needs wherever you may go. 
  7. A proven foundation: no risky technology or application components. 
  8. Understanding of business: we’re successful business people, too. 
  9. Global capability: we’re where you need us to be.
  10. Peace of mind: focus on your business. we’ll take care of the technology. 


Are you Ready to Take the NEXT Step?


We are. 


You’ve got nothing to lose. Our qualified sales and services people are ready to meet with you to discuss how you can get the same benefits that our other customers enjoy. 


Go ahead. Pick up the phone or email. We’ll get right back to you to show you how you can eliminate technology business risk, easily.

Steve’s been with SMB Suite since 1998 and has been involved with nearly every aspects of the Company’s business as a strategist, professional services executive, cloud solutions architect, and senior consultant. In his current role, Steve is responsible for SMB Suite’s revenue and oversees the execution of ERP, CRM and BI projects for customers across a broad range of industries. Steve combines his expertise in MS Dynamics GP, CRM and other Microsoft products with a strong foundation in accounting and business to identify gaps and streamline customers’ processes. Prior to co-founding SMB Suite, Steve was previously Corporate Controller for MEHLE Behr and, prior to that, Audit Senior for Ernst & Young. Steve holds a Bachelor of Business Administration degree from the University of Texas at Arlington.

Jeremy is responsible for SMB Suite’s technology vision, strategy and implementation and is the architect of the Company’s Dynamics Cloud Platform. Highly adept in every facet of managed services, ERP systems and e-commerce platforms, Jeremy’s expertise spans the implementation and support of business and financial software solutions, as well as the customization and integration of SMB Suite’s cloud ERP technology stack. He holds numerous Microsoft and industry-related certifications, and was primarily responsible for designing the Company’s progressive business services platform in the early days of the Cloud. Prior to SMB Suite, Jeremy served as the financial analyst, systems administrator, and information systems liaison for a $2 billion financial services corporation.

Monty is responsible for SMB Suite’s day-to-day operation and, most importantly, its customers. As a leader, motivator and mentor, Monty creates loyal high performance teams willing to “walk through walls” to accomplish their goals. Prior to SMB Suite, Monty served as President of The Bradshaw Group (TBG), a global distributor, manufacturer, and repair facility for digital printers. In this role, he was the Company’s ambassador to its most important domestic, European and Latin American customers and TBG achieved a best-in-class Net Promoter Score of 74 for its superb customer satisfaction. Prior to TBG, Monty served as the General Manager of Sam’s Clubs three highest grossing U.S. stores and was named Regional Operator of the Year in 1999. Monty holds a BBA in Marketing from Texas Tech University and is an active member of Business Navigators. He has been active in Vistage International, Executives in Action, the Dallas/Fort Worth Retail Executives Association, as well as, A.P.I.C.S., the leading professional association for supply chain and operations management. Monty also volunteers with Hunger Busters and ManeGait, a therapeutic horsemanship organization.

David is a proven financial and information technology professional with expertise in providing business accounting software and computing solutions. He began his career by starting and managing a successful independent consulting practice for several years. He then launched the local systems consulting unit of Ernst & Young’s Entrepreneurial Services Group, leading the office into the hi-tech consulting arena. After successfully developing the unit for Ernst & Young, David founded NextCorp (which became SMB Suite in 2013) to serve the business software needs of clients throughout the US. David has made SMB Suite one of the best cloud ERP providers in the industry. In addition to being a successful entrepreneur and leader, he is a software and technology specialist, holding certifications in various Microsoft and other technologies.