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Drive Growth Through Marketing

SMB Suite is committed to offering a full suite of services to help you realize your company’s growth potential. Our core offerings in IT and software are designed to maximize your company’s productivity. Our offering for marketing is intended to ensure that your marketing strategy and execution fuel your engine or growth. That’s why SMB Suite partners with Four Columns Marketing, a leader in driving real growth through strategic marketing execution.


Marketing is a vital business function –– it’s how you get your product or service to the marketplace. Yet the complexity of marketing in today’s business world is almost endlessly complex and varied. Digital marketing is an increasingly vital part of your business plan, but digital marketing is a field that requires expertise.

How Our Solution Can Solve Digital Marketing Issues

“We’re spending a couple thousand dollars a month on paid Google Ads, but we have no idea what we’re getting for that.”


You need a marketing partner that understands that activity doesn’t matter if it doesn’t generate leads and revenue. Four Columns can help.

“We keep rebuilding our website every few years and we have nothing to show for it.”


You need a marketing partner that starts with a business goal-focused strategy first and builds your website to meet those goals. Four Columns can help.

“We’re not getting good engagement off our emails to customers.”


You need a marketing partner that understands how to strategically message and execute via email marketing. Four Columns can help.

“We just don’t know what our marketing goals are –– much less our marketing strategy.”


We work with Four Columns for our marketing because they start with strategy and understand how the entire marketing picture fits together to build your business.

The SMB Way: Offering Solutions

Four Columns Marketing is a full-service marketing agency dedicated to strategic marketing execution. Their approach is focused on driving lead generation to achieve client objectives. Like SMB Suite, Four Columns partners with its clients as an extension of their team and brings over 100 years of combined experience to bear for each client’s specific industry and needs. Their proven track record of B2B and retail marketing success coupled with a transparent, results-driven approach mean that you can move forward with confidence. Here are just a few of the services that Four Columns is available to provide:


  • Fractional CMO Service*
  • Website Design & Development
  • Content Marketing & SEO Optimization
  • Digital Advertising (SEM, Social)
  • Outbound Email Marketing
  • Social Media Management
  • Loyalty Campaigns
  • Public Relations
  • Trade Shows & Events
  • Advertising
  • Strategy and Branding


If you’re interested in working with Four Columns, please complete the form on this page and someone from Four Columns will contact you to start making your marketing work for you.

*Fractional CMO Service – if you’re in need of marketing leadership for your business, Four Columns can provide C-suite level leadership on a fractional basis for your company. Contact Four Columns for more information.

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