Business Intelligence

Gain Actionable Insights From Your Data

You’ve heard a lot about how data can help drive business decision-making, but maybe you’ve had a bad experience, or you’re not even sure where to start. We’re here to tell you that data can help you make better decisions as a business, but that you should engage with a partner (like us) to help you configure and optimize your business data through software designed to point you in the right direction. That’s why we’re proud to offer SMB Intelligence, powered by Microsoft’s Power BI.

How Our Solution Can Solve Business Intelligence Issues

“I’ve looked into Business Intelligence before, but I feel like only a few people at our firm would ever look at it.”


Power BI is designed to work at any scale –– whether it’s one person diving into the information, or an entire division. We can help you configure it to make sense for what you need.

“Business Intelligence feels complicated.”


Don’t let Business Intelligence scare you –– but remember that your technology partner (like us!) matters just as much as the software you choose. We’re here to make sure that it works the way you need it to.

“I’m worried that a Business Intelligence platform is going to miss information that’s vital to our unique situation.”


Power BI has over 120 free connectors to applications like Salesforce, Excel, Dynamics 365 and more –– so it’s designed not to miss crucial information.

“Business Intelligence sounds expensive.”


Here’s what is expensive –– not knowing where your business isn’t running as efficiently or profitably as it can. Plus, if you choose SMB Cloud as your hosting provider, you get SMB Intelligence for free.

The SMB Way: Offering A Solution

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Microsoft Power BI

Power BI from Microsoft is the leading Business Intelligence platform in the world. Power BI can provide your business with self-service analytics at an enterprise scale. If you need to stream analytics in real-time so that you can turn your insights into actions, Power BI may be right for your business. Microsoft Power BI also includes industry-leading artificial intelligence, native Excel integration and end-to-end security protection so that your data stays under your control. To learn more about how Microsoft Power BI can help you unlock and understand your business data, click below.

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SMB Intelligence

SMB Intelligence is our own, unique offering to serve your business intelligence needs. Built on Microsoft Power BI, SMB Intelligence adds significant value to the core Microsoft offering by configuring reports, visualizations and common tasks from the very start. We understand that many of our users want to use their data to make better business decisions, but don’t have the time to configure a platform like Power BI from the ground up. That’s why we’ve developed SMB Intelligence so we can offer a business intelligence solution that’s ready to harness your data into actionable insights from day one. Best of all, SMB Intelligence is free to SMB Cloud hosting users. If you’re interested in learning more about SMB Intelligence, click below.

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