SMB Suite vs. Netsuite

SMB Suite vs. Netsuite

Which one offers the best value to my business?

There is no question that the number of cloud-based enterprise application solutions is growing. The two emerging leaders in this space are NetSuite and SMB Suite. Both offer ‘best-in-class’ functionality and integration to businesses of every size.

While there may be much similarity in terms of functionality, the benefits that businesses derive could not be more different.  Such a difference begs the question, “Which solution offers the best value to my business?”  To try to answer that, here are some areas where SMB Suite brings superior value to your business, employees, and partners:

A Business-proven, Stable Foundation:  SMB Suite is built upon and substantially extends the established, well-known, and widely adopted Microsoft Dynamics GP platform (3rd most installed enterprise resource application environment in the world).  You get the double benefit of a stable, integrated, and widely supported business application environment coupled with the power and scalability offered by the most application extensions and add-ons in the industry. Your business is never held back by the technology or solution.

NetSuite?  They’ll talk about how ‘new’ and unencumbered by ‘legacy’ their applications are.  In the case of business and financial processes, new doesn’t mean better.  In fact, new is often very risky.

Simplified, Easy to Adopt and Easy to Use:  Simply put, SMB Suite has eliminated the guesswork, time, and cost associated with deciding, configuring, implementing, and using enterprise applications. SMB Suite has you up and running in a matter of a few days, being productive, and getting the business benefit you are looking for. Your employees, customers, and partners have a system that is easy to understand while increasing productivity through access to real-time information and reporting.

NetSuite?  They present their ‘portal’ and web-based access as evidence of how easy to use their environment is. Unfortunately, it’s easy to create portals and, today, virtually everything is web-based. These attributes don’t necessarily lead to ease, simplicity, productivity, and benefit.  Dig deeper and you’ll find that ‘beauty is only skin deep.’

Enterprise-class Scalability:  At SMB Suite, we know that small and medium businesses are never static in their approach to the market, their services and products, and their business.  SMB Suite has the greatest number of options and functions that allow your business to grow in virtually any direction without having to start over. You can rest assured that no matter where your business goes, SMB Suite can meet the challenges, future-proofing your business processes and information.

NetSuite?  Often discussed is their ability to add new functionality and how it is all integrated together.  What a great marketing ‘pitch.’  Unfortunately, NetSuite doesn’t have the quality, breadth, and depth of enhancement that can meet the exact requirements of your business, every single time.

Budget Friendly:  There is simply not another cloud-based enterprise application environment with the power and benefit of SMB Suite at our price point.  Period.  SMB Suite is ‘easy on the budget’ by ensuring that typical ‘extra costs’ are included as ‘standard’ in our offering.  We are the ‘no surprises’ and easy to afford, cloud-based enterprise application solution.

NetSuite?  Beyond the standard licensing costs, they will have a tendency to pile on other costs for consulting, support, functional enhancement/additions, and integrations.  Don’t be fooled.  What can seem inexpensive on the surface can quickly become a budget-buster for your business.

What’s the final analysis? SMB Suite was designed and built for your business. Since you’re looking to solve business process, transaction, and reporting issues why not look to the solution that meets those needs. SMB Suite wasn’t designed around a particular technology or architecture or programming model. If, however, you’re looking to solve technology problems then maybe NetSuite is a good choice for you to consider.

When you do your evaluation, we’re confident that you’ll end up using SMB Suite.  You’ll see through the hype and come to understand that your business needs a business-centric solution that doesn’t ‘break the bank’ and never stands in the way of doing business the way you want to do business.

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