NetSuite or Microsoft – It’s Your Choice with SMB Suite

NetSuite or Microsoft – It’s Your Choice with SMB Suite

We hope that you had a safe and celebratory 4th of July weekend! 


In the spirit of freedom, we’re excited to announce that SMB Suite is growing our suite of available software solutions to include NetSuite from Oracle


One of the core values of our client relationships is that we want to provide you with the software and technology solutions that you need, and nothing you don’t. By adding NetSuite to our array of options, we’ll be able to build even more customized and specialized solutions perfectly tailored to meet your needs. 


As we have for the past 24 years, we’ll continue to offer Microsoft solutions for ERP, CRM and Business Intelligence applications. These platforms have served to help our clients grow by streamlining financial processes, providing tools to plan resource allocations, build stronger and more consistent customer relationships, and unlock the power of their data to make better decisions about the future. 


How does offering NetSuite and Microsoft ERP platforms help us build even more specialized solutions? 


NetSuite is a uniquely scalable solution. Successful businesses have a growth mindset when planning for the future, and NetSuite’s market share among them is high. It is designed to work powerfully for a wide range of business sizes and applications – from smaller businesses that have outgrown QuickBooks, to larger organizations who have to coordinate manufacturing and regulatory compliance across business units, and understand how complex billing systems affect customer relationships.


NetSuite offers industry-leading visibility into operations and financials, particularly for larger and more complex businesses. If you have a business that operates in more than one country, or a business that has multiple, separate locations, NetSuite can help you gain real-time visibility into where your business stands.


NetSuite helps businesses that are currently using multiple, disparate systems that may lack bi-directional integration work synergistically via a market-defining cloud-based implementation. What does that mean? It means that if you’re using several systems that can’t “talk” to each other and pass information without manual intervention, you’re taking on financial, reputational, and regulatory risks that NetSuite could help you mitigate. 


SMB Suite is supporting our NetSuite offering with the same customer-first, problem-solving attitude that we bring to all of our other software and technology applications. If you’re considering a switch to NetSuite, give us a call at 866-956-1636, or reach out to our sales team via email.

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